Bringing Uber’s LGBTQIA+ messaging and initiatives to life with motion

Client: Uber

Role: Art Director & Motion Designer

Year: 2021

Uber is a company built on movement — moving people, and moving the needle when it comes to important issues. For Uber’s global pride initiatives during the month of June and National Coming Out Day in October, I was the Art Director and Motion Designer that ideated and created all the motion graphics for both campaigns.

This involved working with and creating new visuals within Uber’s motion guidelines and delivering final custom video and animated content across their email, web, and organic social content for both their external and internal channels.

Right to Move.
Right to Pride.

Messaging centered around a fill-in-the-blank system. The Right to Pride visual direction strengthened Uber’s stance through a series of bold statements rooted in representation, humanity, empathy, and education.

Motion Studies

The multi-color spectrum colors include the flag colors of gay pride + inclusive brown and the transgender colors of pink and blue. The challenge was how to turn these static lines into something that feels more alive.  With each line representing a community, I wanted to add a layer of personality that made each line feel unique in it’s own way.

Spectrum Wings
Spectrum Ramp
Spectrum Lines + Wings Outro


Instagram Stories and in-feed posts were designed and posted to their 1M+ followers. The social strategy called back to allyship and community, and educating people on how to talk to the community.

Creating safe spaces where you can be you

For National Coming Out Day, we  partnered with queer influencers GottMik, Essie Golden, Brandon Kyle Goodman, and James Whiteside to create custom branded content that collectively reached an audience much wider than Uber's.

The core strategy centered on the reality that coming out is not a singular event, but a decision LGBTQIA+ individuals make daily based on circumstances.

Watch the full video ↗


Animations were designed and optimized for both desktop and mobile, and sent to all of their newsletter subscribers. This also included a motion version of the spectrum using the trans flag.

Uber newsletter email.
Uber Eats newsletter email.

Thoughts & Credits

Creating a campaign for the LGBTQIA+ community on a global scale was empowering. Working with our partners at Uber, we were able to deliver and ship our creative in 18 countries. The feeling of seeing your work have that sort of reach and impact was unique, and I'm really proud of the work that was put into this with everyone involved.

On top of that, our National Coming Out Day work was nominated as a finalist for the Shorty Award ↗ in the "Campaign by a LGBTQ+ Owned Business" category, and was an Audience Honor in the LGBTQ+ category.

Creative Direction
Lisa Chernin
Christopher Kokinos ↗
Alene Jackson ↗
Pedro Peguero Jr.
Vee Qian ↗
Taylor Pavacich ↗
Motion & Video
Pedro Peguero Jr.
Willie Petersen ↗
Kody Kohlman ↗
Mike Hernandez
Courtney Ryan ↗

#1 most well received Pride campaign ever within Uber

Launched in  18 countries

National Coming Out Day posts gathered over 180k organic social impressions