A photo of a young woman holding a plant, in a bright orange coat jacket.

Margot Lévêque

Creative Director and Type Designer. Creator of the beautiful serif font sprinkled throughout this site, Romie. Runs her own type foundry and keeps it real with her workflow.

A photo of an armenian man in a well let studio.

Haik Avanian

Armenian designer that runs his studio, Haikoo Studio. Master of 3D and working with hip-hop legends. This guy makes me want to pick up and learn Cinema 4D on the daily.

A photo of a young man looking directly at you, with a blue jacket on a white background.

Tres Garner

Artist and Creative Director who co-founded Good Measure — a creative agency organizing projects for lasting impact with non-profits. Reminds me that working in this industry shouldn't always be for a paycheck.

An illustration of a man holding a pencil with a backdrop of an illustrator of a japanese man on the cover of a magazine named The Tokyoiter.

Andrew Joyce

Illustrator and founder of The Tokyoiter — a project that showcases the beauty of Tokyo with talented illustrators and designers. Inspired me to look at culture through a design lens.