Lime green badge saying "More?! with this economy?"

there's more!

Pink badge saying "More?! with this economy?"

My grandfather, father, uncle, & little cousin are Pedro's

Who needs when your family is all named the same. I told my father that I'm not naming any of my children Pedro. It end's with me (hopefully).

A red name tag with the name "Pedro" written on it five times.
Front cover of the book "Spanish for Dummies."

I failed Spanish 101 in highschool and had to retake it in senior year

OK HEAR ME OUT... I don't really have a great excuse to be honest. IF anything, my parents admit fault in not speaking enough spanish to my brother and I growing up. It was just another grade to me, which in this case was an F.

I almost died from a can of pesto

I found out when my girlfriend (now wife) used some store bought pesto for dinner (important detail because when she makes it herself, she doesn't use cashews). I scarfed two plates of pasta down FAST. It was so good, but the anaphylaxis and almost dying in the 7/11 parking lot while on my way home wasn't. Found out I was allergic to cashew that day.

Anaphylaxis response kit.

And lastly, here is a peek at some of favorite artists

I love all things R&B and hip-hop. If you're bopping to some of my favs like Kendrick Lamar, H.E.R., JID, SiR, Childish Gambino, or SZA—then I think we're gonna be friends at the cookout.