Elevating the tallest building in NYC with motion and design

Client: One World Observatory

Role: Art Director & Motion Designer

Year: 2021-2023

One World Trade Center is one of the tallest buildings in 
the world. Sitting tall at 1,776 feet,  my team was tasked with rebranding One World Observatory with a focus on luxury and new amenities. Part of the rebranding included motion design and other OOH collateral.

As the Motion Designer I created animated content for social and OOH. I also art directed
and produced digital and print pieces over the multi-year long relationship.

Setting the scene

Because text and other styling would be placed on top, one of the challenges was to add subtle motion to the skyline without it being too distracting to the main content. Set across 3 different times of day (morning, sunset, and evening).

Morning clouds
Golden hour
Starry night with spire glow

Elevate your senses

“Elevate your Senses” was the messaging platform created for this luxe approach. The idea was that everything you experience at One World Observatory is elevated. From dining to discovery—Elevate your Senses.


Sponsored Instagram Story content was designed, and featured photography and copy that targeted each specific scene during the day. This showcased the full motion capabilities of the campaign across multiple outlets.


Liveboards were designed in both triptych and single screen formats, and was deployed across subways and trains in New York City. This treatment worked wonderfully as we were able to have more room to show the scene.

A family going up an elevator at night.

Additional OOH

Digital ads were designed and shipped, as well as printed wall-wraps for in-person installation. They were deployed around John F. Kennedy airport, welcoming tourists and natives alike to New York City.

Woman looking outside of a window overlooking the New York skyline. Next to her is a photo of the One World Trade Center.Photo of a large banner in John F. Kennedy airport.Two people looking outside of a window overlooking the New York skyline. Next to them is a photo of the One World Trade Center.

Thoughts & Credits

Even with delays due to the pandemic that led to the temporary closing of the observatory—we were able to fully deliver and work with the client through it. In the end, it was a rewarding experience with the work entering circulation almost immediately upon reopening.

Creative Direction
Lisa Chernin
Art Direction & Design
Angelo Alcasabas
Chris Troiano ↗
Pedro Peguero Jr.
Pedro Peguero Jr.
Mike Hernandez

Upon the reopening of the observatory, the rebrand was well received among their target audience.