Building a campaign for the most advanced contact lens yet

Client: ACUVUE

Role: Art Director & Designer

Year: 2022

ACUVUE is one of the worlds leading brands of contact lenses. I was the Art Director responsible for ideating creative concepts and leading the project from start to finish with the chosen direction over a consecutive 7-month period.

During this time I led my team in establishing creative guidelines, asset production, directing our VFX artist, quality control, and working with Johnson & Johnson’s in-house web team to design and deliver a web experience for both consumer and eye-care professionals. I also had a more hands-on role during production by producing and delivering final key art and assets for sales and OOH events in both print and digital formats.

Web Experience

Consumer and professional product pages were designed and shipped. We collaborated with their developers in creating an engaging and informative experience that was unlike any of their existing product pages.

Acuvue product page website.Acuvue product page website.

Interactive Journey

For web and sales material, the lens was rendered in 3D and allowed both users and primary care physicians to take a journey through the lens. The goal of this was to be informative and emphasize that Max is more than just a spec sheet.

Marketing Assets

Out-of-home marketing was designed in the form of banner ads and video, showcasing the variety of key art that was made to capture a wide range of consumers.

A grid of web banners with close ups of peoples next to an Acuvue contact lens box.

Thoughts & Credits

Internally dubbed as "the launch of the decade," there was a lot of pressure from all sides to get this product launch right. With the support of my team, we were able to launch one of Johnson & Johnson's most anticipated lens. Working with PCP's and getting to know the science behind the product was an interesting POV for the creative team.

Many late nights and weekends were put into this project, and it paid off significantly - far surpassing initial forecasts upon launch.

Pedro Peguero Jr.
Vee Qian ↗
Ronie Singh ↗
Captain Creates
3D Design & Video
Chris McCard ↗
Strategy & Copywriting
Ann Jonas ↗
Courtney Ryan ↗

Demand exceeded supply upon launch in the US and EU, far surpassing initial forecasts