Providing clarity to education, treatment, & community

Client: Johnson & Johnson

Role: Art Director & Designer

Year: 2022

Clear Vision For You is the ultimate resource in education, treatment options, and community when it comes to your vision. We were tasked with creating a brand identity and name for Johnson & Johnson's resource for treating cataracts and increasing awareness.

As the Art Director I was responsible for creating the new identity, designing the guidelines, working with our web partners in creating the website, and providing direction to our team in digital and print assets for post launch.

Going Beyond

Previously named “Beyond Cataracts” my goal with Clear Vision For You was to keep that sense of going beyond and outreach. The gradient arc symbolizes progress and reach.

A close up photo of an older man and older woman doing yoga on a beach.A young woman wrapping an arm around an older woman on a beach.An older man and a child on their shoulders in a home.

A web experience focused on resources, treatment, and accessibility

A website was designed and launched to ensure potential patients could find a doctor, explore treatment options, and become more educated of what it means to live with cataracts.

An iPad and iPhone next to eachother showing a creative website about cataracts.
A side photo of an older woman smiling against a white wall.An older man and older woman stretching outside.

Thoughts & Credits

This was the first time I was involved in working on a rebrand that focused solely on educating an older populous. From imagery to content, working on Clear Vision built a foundation that allowed people to let people feel more in control of their vision.

As Johnson & Johnson rebranded, so did their trajectory of what Clear Vision For You means to them among their eye care initiatives. Today, it is a consumer facing platform that houses all of their eye care products, focused on education and treatment options.

Creative Direction
Alene Jackson ↗
Wilton Creative

Evolved into a brand that houses all of Johnson & Johnson Vision's consumer facing products