Personal Project   

Objective: Web to print conversion

About: Personal project which focused on designing a print magazine for The Verge; a heavily web based media network that covers a variety of topics such as technology, science, art, and culture.

Creative Process

Web to print

Print magazines are steadily becoming less popular due to the internet and the mobile devices we use to consume media. The Verge, a media network operated by Vox Media, aims to offer in-depth reporting and long-form feature stories, breaking news coverage, product information, and community content in a unified and cohesive manner. What if you took the very same thought process, and applied it to print media? I wanted to create a magazine for The Verge, and this is my interpretation of how their web interface would translate in a print environment.

"The Verge" logo designed by Cory Schmitz

"The Verge" logo designed by Cory Schmitz


The styling of the articles on The Verge are consistent across the board. I decided it was best to borrow some elements from their website, and incorporate it in a print format. Below is a comparison of the same article, with the left being the print version I designed vs. the web version. As you can see, they share a similar aesthetic, from the colors, drop quotes, and styling.

Print (left) vs. Web (right)

Print (left) vs. Web (right)


The title typography for every Verge article is a condensed sans-serif. I adapted a similar look for the contents page, drop quotes in articles, as well as article titles and additional info.


The Verge's website index is full of color due to the bold imagery and constant changing header image. I wanted to use the hot pink swatch they use on their site, and apply it as an accent to the content. The imagery used throughout the magazine compliments the swatch perfectly due to the contrast. I kept black as a primary color due to the website index also having a rich black background. This was also the reasoning as to why the cover of the magazine is black, with the modified Penrose triangle having a gradient that matches their branding.