Client: Franco Colomba   

Objective: Identity Creation

About: Shoppful is a Puerto Rican based startup founded by Franco Colomba. Based on the classifieds advertisement market, Shoppful aims to help the people and small businesses of Puerto Rico. Shoppful makes it easy for anyone to sell and buy locally like never before.

Creative Process

Scoping the competition

Shoppful is essentially the Craigslist for Puerto Rico. Now we all know Craigslist isn't the most appealing mark or even website to look at. Sure, it works, but it can be better. This is what Shoppful is trying to achieve; welcoming anyone willing to sell their items or promote their business with ease. For Puerto Rico though, Craigslist isn't as popular as compared to the United States. 

Shoppful was created to bring simplicity in selling and buying locally to the people of Puerto Rico. Having observed the classifieds market we believe that there is room for growth that current competitors aren't utilizing. We are also developing a platform to help business owners of all types on the island to be discovered.  - Franco Colomba, Founder

A multitude of people use a variety of methods to sell or promote their business in Puerto Rico. However, the most popular website to do so, is Clasificados Online.  The creative challenge here was to create a mark that was welcoming to anybody on the island, as well as more appealing and easier to navigate than the service they use now which currently looks like this as of June 2017 (pictured below)

The competition

The competition

Initial Sketching


After doing some research, I went right to my sketchbook to experiment with different styles and marks that would reflect Shoppful's future of eCommerce. Originally, the idea to create something more calligraphic was something that seemed like it would work well on paper, but once translated to digital, it didn't make a lot of sense. It looked too cliche, and translated to something more playful rather than a service that was more business forward and inviting for all types of people. Even with the research I gathered, most logos in the online shopping category avoided a calligraphic look and used a sans-serif typeface instead. Now I understand why.


Below is the first digital iteration of the calligraphic styling as shown in some of my initial sketches, as well as a sans-serif iteration.

First digital iteration

First digital iteration

Proposed sans-serif iteration

Proposed sans-serif iteration

As I mentioned before, most calligraphic typefaces didn't translate well in a digital workspace. It looked too busy, and was hard to read. So with that, I ended up experimenting with different sans-serif options. Trying to find or create a welcoming typeface that still captured the feeling of a "classifieds" or eCommerce look was a creative roadblock. I wanted to integrate the shopping tag symbol with the type in a seamless way, but finding a sans-serif type that would work was a bit of a challenge. The proposed sans-serif iteration was too round and still looked too playful. When trying to incorporate the shopping tag at the end, it ruined the aesthetic. Fortunately, it didn't take too long before I found a perfect balance between the two.

Final type base which would then be slightly modified to accompany the tag

Final type base which would then be slightly modified to accompany the tag


Puerto Rico is full of vibrant color, and the people and culture also represent that. When it came to finding a color palette, finding a palette to reflect the Puerto Rican people while also fitting the criteria of an online shopping experience was a must. A variety of  swatches were used such as orange, yellow, green, and even a mix of blues.

The color choices above resulted in being too bright or too generic. What ended up being a good mix was a combination of greens, specifically tropical variants.


The finished product with the appropriate color palette.