Client: Quinn Nelson   

Objective: Branding

About: Screen Clinic was an iPhone repair shop founded by Quinn Nelson that rivaled the competition, and even Apple themselves.

Creative Process

911 for smartphones

Creating the mark was inspired by modern hospitals. I conceptualized an idea of combining both modern medicine and technology. The caduceus came to mind quickly, but at first I decided to remove the shaft and just use the wings. While it was visually pleasing, it still lacked any concrete base so I added a circle in the background to help make it more interesting.



I continued to work with the mark, but was hesitant in some instances with the circle. It resulted in being more of a creative boundary which restricted the mark and made it feel too cramped, especially when I started introducing type. So I proceeded to remove the circle to see how it would look. As for the caduceus, I ended up adding the shaft to the mock-up to see how it would look if applied within the circle, which then turned out to be problematic. I ended up removing the circle entirely, and shifted the type to the right and applied the caduceus to the left. I ran through a few more type iterations which can be seen below. A final typeface wasn't chosen until the end of the color process.


When it came to color, red was going to be included from the second I began drafting, due to it's nature in relation to emergency services. Now when it came to figure out the color for the caduceus, I went through multiple color variations combined with the final three proposed type variations. The light grey swatch was a wild card and ultimately ended up being an eyesore. Quinn and I ended up leaning more towards a darker color palette, which ultimately helped bring the logo together at last.


The finished product with the appropriate color palette.



Signage on the storefront of Screen Clinic.