Client: Jonathan Casey   

Objective: Personal Branding

About: Jonathan Casey, known for his YouTube channel OT4Tech, has a passion for music, film, as well as being a creative. These were all key characteristics that reflected Jonathan's best interests, and is what he wanted reflected in his personal branding.

Creative Process

Let's get personal

Jonathan's YouTube channel, OT4Tech, lacked a strong identity. The name "OT4Tech" acted more as an alias since Jonathan always introduces himself personally in most of his videos instead of OT4Tech . The goal of creating his personal branding, was to incorporate it universally into the services he uses. With over 50,000+ YouTube subscribers, he wanted an identity that reflected his core interests of cinematography and music. Most personal branding projects involve one's name or initials as a base, so with that I began exploring ways to combine "JC" into a single, legible mark. A creative challenge was that combining "JC" was more awkward than I thought. Below is the evolution of creating the base for "JC" from left to right.


Typographic Elements

Once the base was already established, figuring how to incorporate the elements of cinematography and music was the next creative challenge. Adding a circle in the background helped the somewhat awkwardly high placed "J" more comfortable to look at, especially since the hook of the "J" and the shape of the "C" were both rounded. As more trial and error continued to develop into a solid concept, the "C" continued to look more and more like a vinyl record or a turntable. I then incorporated the necessary elements to create this look, and it turned out to be successful. As for the film, the top of the "J" was altered into a film strip.



Selecting a palette for Jonathan wasn't much of a challenge due to the nature of his previous OT4Tech mark, which consisted of various shades of blue. In actuality,  Jonathan's favorite color options were primarily blue when I began conceptualizing swatches to use for his mark. Various shades of blue, from light to dark, were applied to the mark. Below are some color options, in which the furthest right option was the one selected to be used moving forward.



As I continuined to work more on the finished product, I slowly became aware of the consequences this mark would suffer if seen from a further distance. I asked fellow design friends of mine as to what they thought was wrong with the current mark, and almost all of them immediately pointed out the rather small details within the film strip. I immediately went back to working in a black and white workspace, in which I continued to retouch the film strip to be more legible in smaller environments. The end result was essentially a negative of the previous strip, with the sides being made more prominent in terms of size and spacing.



Finished product with the appropriate color palette.


Social Media

Social media headers were created in Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube sized variants for each, respectable profile.