Personal Project

Objective: Advertising/Print Design

About: Personal project that depicted my interpertation of Carvel Ice Cream print advertisements. Consists of three single and two double page advertisements. The theme I pursued was that "You're only human" and aimed to relate human emotions and reaction with ice cream.

Creative Process

Emotional Ice Cream

To some people, ice cream is a dessert that is labelled as a "treat yourself" moment. The creative challenge was to combine the concept of a human emotion and reaction with ice cream. The target audience were adults, so for the copy I chose situations that would reflect a real scenario in the life of any adult.  Feeling overwhelmed? Have that chocolate shake. Having a good morning? Get that ice cream shake. Had a bad breakup? Your banana split will never break your heart. 


Since these are print advertisements and would be placed in a public space, the hierarchy of the type was important. Both the headline and tagline shared the same typeface, but were distributed in different weights. The "punch" was the bold headline, which was right in your face and would make you read it first. Reading the surrounding type was secondary, followed by the imagery below.


For the imagery, finding high resolution shots of Carvel's ice cream was a challenge in itself. As someone who enjoys photography, I originally intended to shoot my own product shots, but with the lack of resources to make that happen during the time of creation, I resorted to finding high resolution imagery online through various sources. I exported them in Photoshop, and manipulated them by removing the background, adjusting levels, and removing any unnecessary elements. For the photo with the strawberry on a cone, was created in Photoshop with the blend, clone, and smudge tools.


Choosing a palette for an ice cream campaign was an opportunity to explore a numerous amount of color combinations since ice cream is a creative food that can be topped and made with a variety of ingredients. However, I decided to stick to more traditional ice cream colors, and associated them with each product shot of ice cream being shown in each advertisement. The exception would be the cream vanilla (Pantone 7500 C) and deep red (Pantone 7257 C) colors in the double page advertisements, as they were chosen to match the fruits being shown (banana & strawberry) rather than the ice cream itself. It ended up working well, as the color of the banana is similar to a French vanilla, while the deep red strawberry can be associated with either a rich strawberry flavor.