Institution Portfolio Project   

Objective: Branding/Package Design

About: Fourth year institution project that consisted of designing a product trilogy. The package design of BOLD Vodka was created with the intent of standing out from other liquor bottles down an aisle.

Creative Process

Mood board

I always had an interest in package design regarding alcoholic beverages. From the bottles to the labels themselves, packaging for liquor is aimed to catch your eye when walking down the aisle. Most liquor bottles carry the same shape, so it's important to create a bottle that stands out from the rest. That was the creative goal when I decided to come up with my own brand of vodka, named BOLD. The mood board consisted of a blend of color and sharpness. I wanted to achieve a look that fused the two styles. The target audience were young adults, specifically college aged individuals.


From the beginning I wanted a package design that was heavy with bold text, hence the name of the liquor. Below are some type iterations, with the farthest right being the one that ended up on the final label. The inclusion of the asterisk was to symbolize the stylization of bold text that you would use online (i.e., *bold.*)


The bottles I choose were tall, almost like a wine bottle. When coming up with the design for the label, I didn't want it to wrap around and with the help of some input from my design peers, the idea of stenciling the name onto the bottle was also thrown around. Unfortunately, stenciling didn't turn out successful, and instead, I focused primarily on making a single, tall label with all the info needed. Below is the final layout without the addition of any coloring.


Finding a palette for a liquor targeted at young adults allowed me to explore several options. However, as a bottle trilogy, I focused on the three primary colors; red, yellow, and blue. I went to the store, picked up some liquor bottles, and began spray painting them. The whole process took around a week, which turned out to be successful.


Since the color was going to be primarily focused on the bottle itself, I added subtle colorization to the label pertaining to each flavor. I didn't want to overdo it, but painting the entire bottle perfectly captured the goal of sticking out from an aisle in a liquor store. This perfectly translated the meaning of BOLD. To courageously stick out from the rest.